occasionally I’m compelled to write my emotions out in poetry (would be song and music, but alas I don’t know how to write more than the words) I wanted to share a poem I wrote a while back, about asexuality and aromantics

I do not share you desire
I do not need what you need,
for myself I seek not
the contentment you find in another
whether their body or love
I do share your desire
I do need what you need
for myself I do seek
the contentment found in another
but through friends ships and family
through sharing their life and sharing mine
I do not, cannot connect
romantically, sexually, either way
I would not be true to myself is I put it any other way
if I let you think I swung that way,
or anyway at all
I may love, but as a friend, or as family.
but never as a lover or a partner.
I do not limit myself,
rather I set myself free,
when I say:
I am aromantic!
I am asexual!

please share your opinions