Pain In My Heart.

so, I admit, I’m not the best singer, and I really wish I could write the actual “cords”  or what not to this song, but as I promised in my last post, here is my song/poem Pain In My Heart.

Edit: Here are the lyrics. I thought I’d posted them originally. Some creative liberties taken to emphasize the way I sung it in the video.

pain in my heart
caused by you
pain in my heart
caused by you
I got a pain in my heart,
and it just ain’t healing.
I go my though day,
with mask on my face.
I’m  always pretending,
alway pretending,
to be so happy, to be so a live.
but theres a pain my heart,
and it won’t go away.
oh oh ho
when I see you,
I wanna cry, c—r—y
’cause I know you don’t know
the pain in my heart,
is caused by you.
caused by you
So when I talk about you
it makes me feel better,
Then the pain comes back,
it just come back
and I just don’t know
how to heal my heart, heal my heart.
I know you don’t know,
so can I really blame you,
for the pain you’ve caused?
oh oh ho
I wanna tell you,
but is it really fare to?
I want you to know
the pain I feel,
it’s all your fault
it’s your fault.
that theres pain in my heart
pain in my heart
I want you to say sorry
I want you to change
I want you to beg to be in my life
’cause then the pain in my heart
just might go away.


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