What Mental Illness is to Me Part II

I’ve been struggling to write this. Struggling to figure out what angle to approach it at, how to express my opinions best, with out focusing on only the negative or positive aspects. Mental illness is a very vague term, it covers almost too many terms, diagnoses. I’ve heard people quote that 1/4 people fit the diagnosis criteria for a mental illness. these people often use it to dismiss mental illness. I don’t. I look at it as something that needs to change. That we need to find out how to “cure” and prevent mental illness. To often it’s a life long struggle. But what is it, how do I view it in others? Well, I think it’s often the only area in health where we can look at a person’s life and say that it’s not random that they got it, since most people I’ve talked to about mental illness were abused before they developed the issues they have. though this is probably not the case for things like schizophrenia, or psychopaths. but the mood disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc), or personality disorders (DID, OCD) are often the sign of abuse in the person’s life. There are also distinct ways of dealing with mental illness, often affected by any abuse that has happened. there is those in denial of their issues (my mother has been so for over 20 years), there is “anxiety denial” (don’t think you deserve to be help, difference is you know you need it, but are afraid to get help, rather then just denying the issues). There are those who have sought help, but can’t move forward. there are those who’s issues are so large that they probably will never be able to manage a regular life, no matter the treatment they get, due to their abuse, or illnesses. And I don’t think “normal” society is quite ready to accept the last one yet. Because no normal person has dealt with the issues most, if not all mentally ill people have faced. So what is mental illness to me, well it’s a divider. What do I think about most mentally ill people, I think they are very strong people, and I look up to them for that, I could never have survived the stories I’ve heard, which they must live with.

I only wish I could do something, that society was more willing to do something, to help those who struggle with their mental illness. To help those who would develop a mental illness. Because, as I see it, society blames the victims, anyone really, who develop mental illness, as if it’s their fault, a personality fault, rather then what it is, a life changing illness. like asthma, or cancer.


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