List of Things I plan on writing about

So I’m finding it hard to write blog posts, for personal reasons. Hopefully this will change in the future. I don’t plan on stopping. Not at all. In fact this post is to let you know what I’m thinking of tackling, and maybe get some resources from anyone who sees this page.

I’ve been trying to tackle this one since my “what is mental illness to me” posts, but I haven’t been able to find the words- What is wrong about how diagnosing mental illness is done and handled. (done)

Driving, Specific to the laws in BC Canada, but I will be touching on some other things. Like people thinking that 18/19 is too young too young for driving age of consent.(

Asexuality, Aromantics, and how we are treated by society. (done)

And other things I may add as I remember them.

maybe even another song or two.

Thank you for stopping by, and hope you will visit again and check out my next post.



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