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hey everyone, thanks for reading this, following my blog, and liking my posts. I’d like to make one small request. More feedback please. Instead of just liking it, if you can please comment on it as well. I’m not going to get upset if you don’t though.

You know what gets annoying. Contacting large businesses with legitimate complaints, or suggestions, and having  them brushed off. For example, back in 2009 I pre-ordered a book well in advance. It was not shipped in a timely manner. So after two weeks (the 25th of november, the book came out on the 9th) I contacted the company I ordered it from. They shipped it the day they replied. I got the shipping confirmation just minutes before they responded. Instead of saying that they had responded to my complaint, and my book was on it’s way, they replied that my book had been shipped and they were sorry for any inconvenience. It was so formal, not personal at all. And all the responded I get are like that. Half of them ignore my issue. Like my bank I tell them that I find their display of information confusing, and that it caused me issues until I figured it out. The response, telling me what I’ve already figured out. Another time I sent a scathing complaint to Kobo, because they don’t have a shopping cart function on their site, and require you to purchase each book separately. (which has caused me to accidentally go over my free transaction limits for my bank account.) They were just like “oh, no we don’t have that feature.” I don’t have the email anymore so I can’t say more then that. But I still can’t believe how nonchalant and impersonal the reply was. I mean I understand that they need to watch what they say, for liability reasons. But they also need to be less formal, more emotion in the reply (which I know is hard to do.). Otherwise they will lose customers. The only personal responses I’ve ever gotten was from small internet based companies. Like GOG, I bought a game their, and it started to crash. I found the solution online, and contacted them so they could update their support page. The responses I got from them didn’t feel like they’d been c/p’ed out of a standard reply file, yet were very professional. It made me like and trust that company more. Where as the responses from every other company has made me trust them less, because it feels like they don’t have the customer in mind, rather the bottom line and liability.


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