I feel like sharing some poetry I’ve written in the past, be warned though, that most of my poetry is very depression inspired, so very sad. ‘condensed’ to save space.

I wanted to cry everything hurt so much,  / Everything hurt so much.

I didn’t know what to say  / I didn’t know what to do.

I’d forgotten how to cry / I’d forgotten how to live  / I’d forgotten how to die

I wanted to cry/ But I didn’t know how,

Which made me feel worse,  / Yet made me feel strong,  / It made me weak all at the same time.

I wanted to cry / And I don’t know why.

Things are so bad  / Yet they are so good.  / I hurt in side I can’t let it go,

even though life is good,  / better then it was,

still I wanna cry  / but I don’t know why.

Either way I’m crying on the inside  / I don’t know where to go,  / where should I go;

follow my dreams,  / hold them in, hold them back.

don’t know how to get there  / make the choices I need

there is no one to help/ no one who can see me

at least not beyond the masks I hide behind


sit alone outside,  / watching you through the window clear.

I sit across the river wide,  / no way to join, no way to be near

I sit alone and hide  / watching full of fear.

not willfully, not of my choice, or need.  / but of your choice, to make me feel

unwanted, unneeded, and unworthy.  / always excluded, shunned from the fun, games and adventures.

I want to be included, to be a part of the whole, the picture . / I’ve missed out on so much

I want to miss out no more.


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