Religion and Me

This morning I was woken up by some Jehovah Witnesses knocking on the door. They asked me “if I could ask god one question what would it be?”. I told them I didn’t have any questions. (I don’t like getting woken up on my days off). But that question sparked this post. Because while my response wasn’t completely accurate, I already have the answers I need for some of the big questions. For me the answer to most questions is “because humans corrupt”. I believe that there is one or more gods watching over the universe, but I believe that we have corrupted their words beyond our ability to ever find out the truth. Why do people get sick and die, especially the young, or things like that, well it’s not necessarily god’s will, there is the devil, there is free choice, and just random chance. I really think that god is just sitting there watching us, hoping that we stop messing everything up, bound by his own rules not to interfere. Exerting his will when ever he can, to perform miracles and┬ásubtly influencing people to do the right thing. So I don’t pray (that makes me feel selfish, asking for god to help me, rather than others), though I do send wishes to god (look out for ___, she’s sick). I don’t go to church (god’s word has been corrupted too much for me to believe it accurate). But I try to live my life as I think god would want me to. Though sadly I cannot do as much as I could if I were and extrovert. And being human, well I slip up.