Age Of Majority

Age of Majority is really complicated. OR at least deciding what it should be is. Nor do I think it should be simple. Because life isn’t simple, life is hard, people don’t mature at the same rate, or anything like that. But I think I’ve finally caught all my loose ends. First, it should be either graduating from high-school, or becoming independent from your parents or turn 18, which ever comes first. So if you cannot stand living with your parents and move out, or they aren’t fit, and no one (including the government) takes over your guardianship you are a legal adult. If graduate school at 16 you are a legal adult. This should not age you out of your parents health insurance, or anything like that, I think health insurance should last until you are 25, no matter what. (but that’s a different subject). What rights should be given at that time, ability to decide if you can drive, smoke, or join the army; Who to vote for, no longer need parental permission to do things. things that should have a different age limit attached to them, drinking and sex related professions. the right to drink should be a year after you graduate high school (but no earlier then 18) or when you turn 19, to give you the time to mature and adjust to being a “responsible adult”. My concern for the drinking is that people will spend their whole budget on it, be taken advantage of (example: a girl graduates from HS early, older BF gets her drunk legally and rapes her), but I want to also decrease openly illegally drinking/partying (until puking) culture that exist in the US and else where. and I actually think that because there is little visual difference from a 16yr old and a 18yr old that the age limit for that should be increased to 20. Completely for the protection of minors.