Once again Emotions suck

I’ve so many posts going through my mind, but I cannot seem to grasp them when I’m at my computer. And my emotions are swirling all over the place, I’m so blah, sorta sad, but generally in a good place. But I can feel the depression there in the back of my mind, trying to push forward. The anxiety has been triggered so much I haven’t had a chance to relax (a couple small health concerns, doctors appointment soon, triggering it). My mother visiting, causing me to be constantly on my guard and pushing my buttons.

so hopefully I’ll be able to get these thoughts down in the next few weeks or months

the biggest one (and only one I can remember right now, since my mind went blank) is “why we need to change the “statutory rape” laws to “sexual-coercion” laws” (implications, wording, and keeping innocent people out of jail)

Remember, if you want my opinion on something, or have an idea for me to write (or would like for me to draw attention to your post) email me at kstruggles@hotmail.ca and I will consider it.


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