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  So I just wrote this poem, and I thought I would share it. It’s not the best I’ve written,    but neither is it the worst. The words

described are meant to represent mental anguish not physical pain. And I’m sorry if the large space between lines makes it hard to read, I couldn’t figure out how to prevent that.

Break, crash, smash

my heart is broken

too many pieces

no way to fit it together again

break break crash

break it again

smash it apart

show me you don’t care

break smash crash

show the truth

smash crash bang

hurt me again

dry as a desert

I cannot cry

break smash crash

my heart is destroyed

nothing left to fix

I cannot feel

breaks smash crash

I hate you


One comment on “Poem

  1. Nice work. I think the spaces actually slow down the reading a bit but that, for me at least, adds a bit to the drama. If it were single spaced it would be over too quickly. I think the spacing shows the pain lasting longer. Happy accident? Well I like it anyway.

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