Three New Favourite Songs

A few months ago a co-worker introduced me to Christina Perri’s song “Human”. And I liked it, as it symbolized how I feel like I am frequently walking on eggshells, with my mental state. As well as symbolizing the demands my mother made on me/my health. Last week I listened to it for the better part of a day (I get obsessive with books and songs that let me release my built up pain.). So I decided to look up some of her other songs. And I fell in love with two more songs (which I’ve been listening to for a day now, and I don’t know when I’m going to stop). In fact I had to go into town just to buy the CD’s. The other two songs are “Sad Song” an “Jar of Hearts”. Sad Song seems to be about a college aged woman who feels like she did something wrong to her (boy?)friend, because she is immature.  To me it’s showing how we make children take more blame then they deserve, or an abusive parent or spouse/friend/boyfriend (given the line “I wish it wasn’t always my fault” and those around it). Jar of Broken Hearts is about a horrible boyfriend, who destroyed the singer’s heart. Of course as the coupled relationship doesn’t apply to me it signifies my relationship to my family. “Who do think you are, running around and leaving scars, collecting your jar of hearts” means the scars and damage my family did to me, and how they deny it. But who were they to do that to me.

So, yeah, been working out the pain, and wanted to share the three most recent songs to help me with that.