Favourtism in The Family

My family loves favouritism. No truthfully, there is so much favouritism it’s sickening to me. Of course, I’m the one who isn’t favoured. And I know some of it might not even be intentional (like my uncle giving my brother a CD with graduation pictures on it, and not me. Because it was two years later and his life was much busier). But that doesn’t make it easier to accept, or less painful. I won’t outline everything here, because I’m sure I’ve covered it in other topics, and it’s going to come up again, when I start my next series of posts. But it is one of the biggest reasons my hurt and anger extends past my parents and grandma. Why my brother and I are so different. Why our opinions are so different. (that and the fact he’s male and has white male privilege x100).


p.s. my next series of posts are going to be examining my memories, the ones that still upset me, as I remember them, and explaining the messages that I might have learned from them. I’ve done this with two, and found it extremely helpful. Because it spot-lighted something I didn’t see before.