Men, Masculinity, Asexuality, and Rape

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The Thinking Aro

[written in Fall 2011]

I recently wrote a story that dealt with the attempted corrective rape of an asexual male by a female. I’ve never done that before—but I’m definitely writing about it again at some point in my career because it raises several significant issues. I wasn’t thinking of those issues consciously when I wrote that story but since writing it, I’ve been thinking about it as it applies to real life. I don’t want to make this a post that focuses primarily on the problem; I strive to be solution-oriented in all aspects of my life, including my personal activism.

All asexuals currently experience erasure in society, whether it be in every day life or in (the lack of) media portrayals, etc. But I’m going to suggest that if you were to subdivide asexuals, asexual males experience a particularly strong level of erasure because of their maleness…

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