Racial Colorblindness

Racially color blind. A seemingly good idea, which has been missed used to hide racism. When I first hear the term, the context was treating people equally, no matter what their skin color was. This might have been an isolated indecent. Now people use it to invalidate the experiences of Non-Caucasians (PoC/People of Color). Or to claim their treatment of a person wasn’t racist.

Racial colorblindness it’s about how people treat or react to other people. But it should also be a person doing their best to recognize and neutralize all their racial biases. To identity why they react negatively when they see someone, and why they react positively. And removing that reaction, when the reaction isn’t just. To acknowledging other people’s cultures, and respecting them and their experiences. And accepting that others know their situation better then you do, or can. Or treating people with kindness, instead of suspicion. Basically not Othering people based on their skin tone.


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